Welcome to the world of 90LB WRENCH.  We are an Original / Cover Rock and Dance band from Northwest Arkansas that specializes in high energy, highly visual live shows that take you back to the days of the big arena shows of past decades.  We specialize in Casino, Large Party and Corporate Events by playing the music that makes you sing along and dance the night away. We are also an Original Music band that is a go to for opening slots for national touring rock bands in the Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri region.

90LB WRENCH was born from the ashes of the band Wishpool in 2003.  Singer Chuck Law and Guitarists James Carter and Scott Seaman have been playing together in Wishpool and 90LB Wrench for 23 years.  The friendship and comraderie that comes with being bandmates has turned the three in to a tight, creative music machine.  Colton Carter joined the band in 2009 on bass and Jeremiah Meltzer signed on to play drums in 2020, becoming the tight rhythm section that compliments the bands energetic, in your face sound.  90LB Wrench was selected as a performer at Rocklahoma in 2021 due to their high energy live show and their original material that takes the audience back to the days of loud guitars , soaring vocals and big stages.

We are currently writing new songs for the follow up  to our first release "UNAWARE" which you can listen to and download from the music page on this site.  Unaware takes the listener on a musical journey with it's thought provoking lyrics and well crafted songwriting that is guaranteed to make you raise your fist and sing along.  We are currently booking shows for 2022.  Our merch store will be open soon and will feature new shirt designs and other 90LB Wrench items for the new year.  Be sure to sign up for our mailing list to stay up to date with show announcements and other news.  Don't forget to follow us on our social media sites and spread the word to you friends.  See you at a venue near  you soon!